HR All terrain vehicles Expedition trucks


Whatever you call them – Overlanders, All Terrain Vehicles, Rigid Grounders and more…. we can help!

HR:AT vehicles are made for any terrain with 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 all wheel drive. Made to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to +30. This is the ultimate adventure or research vehicle that can travel to the most extreme parts of the world.


We build all our HR:AT vehicles from scratch – bespoke to your needs!

New builds will be based on Mercedes Arocs 6×6 6 Wheel drive Rigid Grounders, starting at £425,000 + VAT. 


The latest equipment can be fitted to make your journey as comfortable and as effortless as possible. They can be fitted with all the latest creature comforts or to house custom equipment. These can include motorised lifts too!

Used Vehicles….

Using ex MOD vehicles that have been built to withstand extreme terrain is by far the most versatile option. Our experienced team has used lots of different Military vehicles and chassis to meet the most demanding project. 


Get to your destination in a vehicle custom made for the terrain. Using ex MOD vehicles with their versatile chassis that allow extreme loads gives us the freedom to build any kind of vehicle.

Speak to the team to see how we can help you!